In the current unpredictable economic climate, we are well aware of the need for businesses to drive down their costs and improve their cash flow. As a result of this, we offer flexible leasing options and payment plans. Our lease/rental is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for companies with limited budgets who nonetheless require the benefits that two way radios offer.

Why Lease Equipment?

The simple fact is that leasing is more affordable than a cash purchase because you require only a small upfront payment, Also, if you lease your equipment, you free up cash to invest in other areas of your business, whilst continuing to have the equipment you require.

Leasing also removes the risks of ownership associated with owning a depreciating asset which facilitates a positive cash flow-vital to any business. Leasing an asset, for example a radio+ network access, means you fix the cost and also not concern yourself with its disposal at the end of the rental period. And in linking cost to potential benefit, you do not have to find a large upfront lump sum which then needs to be recouped over a number of years.

Leasing Benefits

  • Fixed Payments: Fixed monthly payments make your equipment purchase more affordable without the upfront capital required for a cash sale.
  • Affordable Down Payment:
  • Leasing Conserves Capital: It frees up resources to invest in your core business and allows you the benefit of paying while you use the equipment instead of before.
  • Avoiding Equipment Obsolescence: Leasing makes adding unto existing equipment or upgrading to new equipment efficient and available at any time for our customers. You can upgrade your equipment as technology and your company’s needs change.
  • Buyout Option: This option allows you, the customer, to purchase the equipment at lease termination.
    *** (leasing service is currently only available in the Lagos Area)

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