Affordable entry into MPT 1327 - MPT 1327 trunking is feature rich, and offers the benefits of efficient and easy to operate call features, including Group, Broadcast, High Priority, and Emergency calls. Simple Installation - No complicated set up or installation problems with your T1810 Controller. Your rack is programmed prior to installation, so there’s no need to worry about Network Management or maintaining system parameters. Multi Vendor Options - T1810 can easily connect to many existing RF Base stations to allow more sophisticated communications. For new systems, the Tait range of T800 base stations provides a robust and ideal RF platform for your T1810 based system. PSTN / PABX Access - The T1810 offers PSTN / PABX connectivity as an easy to add option. This allows both incoming and outgoing PSTN / PABX call options to enhance your communication network features. Upgrade Path - If expansion is required, your t dealer can upgrade your T1810 based system while retaining both your infrastructure and terminal capital investment. Download (PDF)


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